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Say hello to AB Turn 360


  • Ab Turn 360 is the world's first standing, 360-degree core exercise machine. Inspired by the motion of a hula-hoop, but with spring-powered resistance for a more controlled form and consistent intensity. You can use your hands and body to push and pull on the cradle to generate resistance. You can also use direct body contact with the cradle for a relaxing massage for  your lower back or abs.
  • With Ab Turn 360, you will finally be able to work your crucial core muscles from a comfortable, standing position that keeps your spine within its natural range of motion. Different movements can be used to target different muscle groups. The most common motion targets the core abdominal muscles and the obliques. Tone, tighten and strengthen your abs while burning calories at the same time. 



Strengthens Core + Burns Calories

The main Ab Turn 360 motion focuses on the core abdominal muscles and obliques. You can tone, tighten, and strengthen your abdomen and burn calories at the same time. All from a comfortable, standing position.

Works for a Range of Fitness Levels

Since the Ab Turn 360 is powered by a spring, the further you push or pull, the stronger the resistance. One machine can work for a variety of body types and fitness levels.

One Machine, Many Uses

With multiple motions, Ab Turn 360 can work way more than just abs. Switch up your exercise and adjust the height to target different muscle groups all on one machine.

more than just abs

Abs + Lower Back


The 360 degree stand up movement can engage your core from a comfortable, standing position.

Arms + Upper Back


Ab Turn 360 exercises can also target your arms and upper back

Legs + Glutes


Multipe Ab Turn 360 motions can engage your legs and glutes with varying degrees of intensity